Welcome to Our Sweet Home, Cheras Hartamas Danau Mas.
This Garden is located near a man made lake on the top of Bukit Cheras Hartmas which is 570ft above the sea level. This Garden is a gated housing area comprises 112 Semi Detached Houses.

Our Logo comprises of Bee, Hive & garden and Gate.

- Bee symbolizes Co-Operation and Team Work Among Commumity.
- Hive and Garden symbolizes An Ideal Residetial Garden
- Gate symbolizes Safety Living Environment.

The multi colored Logo symbolizes peace and harmony.

Our Garden Vision

To become Number 1 Taman in Malaysia

Our Association's Objectives

The Persatuan Taman Cheras Hartamas, Danau Mas (Association) was formed on Nov 15 2007. The objective is

- To promote Goodwill, Harmony and Unity among the Residents.

- To promote and enhance the prestige and interests of the Residents

- To promote all sports, training and social activities amongst the Residents.

- To purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire or own properties and the proceeds of income there from shall be used solely for futhering, developing and carrying out the objectives of the Association

- To promote the ideas of mutual help and secunity to the Residents by any approriate lawful means within the capacity of Association

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Danau Mas Entrance

Danau Mas Entrance

Our Security Guards

Our Garden is well guarded by well trained Security Officers from Nepal. We have more than 10 Security Officers positioned at different local of the Garden. The Security Officers will also take turn to patrol around the Garden during the nightime

Security Guard Picture

Security Guard Picture

Garden Vicinity

Our Garden is located beside a Man-Made Lake which further beautify the environment of the Garden. When you come to our Garden, you will first pass through the Lake on your left handside.

Every Evening, you can find many residents comes out to gather around or jogging around the Lake.

New Security Rules

The Committee has enforced the New Rule to ensure more security in daytime and nighttime

- Children under 12 years old or Maids cannot go out from the Taman at all time without approval from the House Owner

- From 12am-6am, the Security Guard must get approval from the house owner by Phone before letting the visitor to drive throuhg the Guard House

CK Liew

Dengue Cases in Our Surrounding Taman

Four Dengue cases were reported - two dead and two have recovered in Cengal and Bukit Segar I respectively. To keep our good health environment in Danau Mas, please ensure you dont keep any still water in your house to prevent Mosquito Aedes breeding around our Taman.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Update your House Phone to the Security Key Phone System

For those who has not given your house phones to the Security Guards. Please do so now so that we can update your number in the Key Phone System.

New Fence around the Lake

We have received sponsorship from Dato Sri Ong Tee Keat to put up the new Fencing around the Lake. The Lake is completed now.